When I think of euphemisms for sexual intercourse, I think of the term carnal knowledge. What exactly does that mean? Carnal is a physical need. When someone has carnal knowledge, they have expressed a physical NEED for sex. Now, we all, or most of us, love sex. We like to think of sex as a need, like breathing or eating. But actually, no one needs sex to survive. Oxygen? Yes. Food? Yes. Water? Of course. But as much as we love sex and, more importantly, the orgasm, sex is not a need.

Unless you’re simagesuffering from a condition that crosses the platitudes and boundaries of what is normal. The zombies in the Xombie volumes are afflicted with a condition that changes their perception of sex. When Brody and I first started talking about the idea, we were interested in what happens in that stage just before an infected person needs to actually devour human flesh. What would that stage feel like? How would the infected person’s need for human flesh be met? This person would still be cognitive enough to know that taking a bite out of a person is repulsive and well, just wrong. But they still feel this need to internalize another human, to have a sense of being filled and of consuming.

This is where we started with Xombie. A woman afflicted with this infection has a need to be filled with human flesh. Nothing else will satisfy her. Yet, her infection hasn’t progressed yet to the point that she would even consider actually eating another person. Maybe a nibble here and there is okay, but the only way, in her mind, to consume and absorb human flesh is to be penetrated by it. This makes sex the obvious choice. So she needs it. A lot of it.

It als1588765-12-1349505147770-n400o makes sex way more gratifying because it isn’t just meeting a sexual desire, it’s meeting a physical need. Like fucking a pizza when you’re hungry, so to speak šŸ™‚ Just as we are exploited by companies that offer usĀ things we need and cannot do without, those that are infected become exploited as well.

Maybe that helps you better understand our mindset behind the Xombies series. Of course,Ā there’s also the fact that we love sex, and we love zombies. Maybe we are a bit twisted sometimes, too. Have you ever bitten anyone during sex? Maybe you drew a little blood? Or loved someone so maniacally that you wanted to consume part of them? We understand. Enjoy.

ā¤ Allison Sommers